Alice's Adventures in Wonderland [illustrated]
Literature & Fiction

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland [illustrated]

Includes Sir John Tenniel’s classic illustrations, along with a gallery of art from six different artists’ interpretations! Mix equal parts creativity, bewilderment, and complete nonsense and you have Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. On a day that begins like any other, Alice notices a rabbit—a rabbit with a pocket watch. She chases after it and stumbles […]

Building Communities of Hope by Anne Hays Egan
Business & Money

Building Communities of Hope by Anne Hays Egan

Reviewers have called Building Communities of Hope a “must read,” “compelling guidebook,” and a “remarkable collection of inspiring stories that showcase how ordinary people have made a positive impact in their communities.” Many readers indicate the book is a practical roadmap that offers valuable insights along with “practical tips, tools and real-life examples of people […]