Sweet & Bitter Reality about Ghostwriting

Sweet & Bitter Reality about Ghostwriting

Writing is indeed a wonderful and creative work to do. Writing skills really pay off especially when you want to make a career out of it. Most people choose to become ghostwriters at the beginning of the career. Ghostwriting is one of the highly paid jobs in all the other writing jobs, but it only pays off well when you have a good experience and tons of excellent references.

Like everything else in the world, there are some sweet and bitter truths about ghostwriting as well. To discuss the major advantages of being a ghostwriter, here are a couple of great points.

Sweet & Bitter Reality about Ghostwriting

Helps Building Network

The most significant advantage of becoming a ghostwriter is that it will help you build up your social network. The ghostwriting career will help you make positive relations with the clients that can help you in the future by providing a further reference for your writing career.

High Pay Scale

The fact can’t be denied that the writing jobs pay a lot of money to the writers. Ghostwriters earn big bucks by writing for many of the big clients. Ghostwriting pays big money to all the writers even when they are freelancers.

Apart from the pros that ghostwriters avail, there are some drawbacks as well if we look in depth. Let’s discuss few of these bitter realities that ghostwriters face more often.

Being Anonymous Won’t Help Your Career

Your name is your identity. When you are doing work, and you know you excelled it, but your name will not be there when it comes to taking credit, you will feel devastated. Not just that you feel entirely distraught, but also it will be difficult to show your work to any of the other clients because it won’t be running by your name. Anonymity is the biggest disadvantage of being a ghostwriter.

Experience Effects the Negotiation Skills

If you start your career by being a ghostwriter, then be ready to get less pay as compared to other ghostwriters. Your lack of writing experience will make your clients to offer you less amount, and you won’t be able to negotiate because of the lack of confidence in your work.

Live on the Mercy of Referrals

Ghostwriting definitely helps you build up your social network but let’s not deny the fact that ghostwriters live on the mercy of their referrals. They will only get new clients when they will be suggested to others by their previous clients. It is hard for a ghostwriter to target the clients on their own with nothing or a very less amount of work to show that goes by their name.