Trilogy Books for Adults

One of the Most Inspirational Fiction Novels

Books have the magical ability to transport us to other realms and realities to explore the depths of the human spirit through supernatural or outstanding means. When we read, we open our minds to unknown stories, characters, and fantastic happenings, they allow us to explore situations we would never encounter on our own. Through these portals, we can learn about ourselves and the world around us, it can open our eyes and awaken real physical emotions and betterment within ourselves through these journeys.

Trilogy Books for Adults

When we invest in a character in a novel whether it’s fiction or non-fiction their journey and emotions can have a profound and physical effect on our own. If they hurt, we feel that pain just as if they overcome and challenge adversity we feel emboldened by that too. When we connect with the people in a novel, we see themselves in them and it can highlight our faults and failures as much as it does to our strengths and spirit. Recently read a trilogy of books by the author Mark Spinicelli which were all added into the list of the best inspirational fiction novels we have ever read.

The Catching A Miracle series is a trilogy of thrilling fiction that explores the depths of the human spirit and resilience as the lead Dr. Shelley White struggles against the corporate world we live in to find the cure for cancer. The first book in the series of the same name (Catching A Miracle) introduces us to the overarching plot and intrigue. It’s a page-turning dive into the corporate greed and institutional pushback set up against our good doctor’s altruistic quest.

Our protagonist is intriguing, she is open enough that the reader is able to connect to her and see themselves in her story even if it differs dramatically from their own. Seeing her grow from sickly child to a cure obsessed doctor, we see growth and tenacity that I think we all wish we had in ourselves. The logic and motivations behind her dogged determination are realized and she is a wonderful main character who the reader easily connects and empathizes with.

Without giving too much of it away the plot is fairly straight forward and the narrative easy to follow. Spinicelli carefully navigates deftly through what on paper seems like quite a convoluted series of events, characters, happenings, and organizations. Our lead has her quest and there are many varied obstacles that she has to overcome on the path to that goal as well as emotional development and intrigue along the way.

It really is the grit of the main character Dr. Shelley White that is so engaging however and it’s through her and her progression that we delve deep into what the human spirit really is and means to us. Through these inspirational fiction novels, we learn something truly valuable about ourselves and the strength we have within if the engaging story and intrigue wasn’t enough, that certainly should be.